Halloween costume trends come and go every year, but there is one thing that is constant and that is the fun that they bring to the holiday period. A traditional German girl costume is timeless.

It’s very likely that the Oktoberfest theme will be among the most popular trends of 2010. Since the German festival of Oktoberfest is all about merry-making and beer drinking, most of the costumes for this theme are based on the traditional German country dresses.

Men can show their party spirit in Lederhosen while for women, there are many sexy and fetching tavern costumes to choose from.

There are many pretty Oktoberfest themed costumes to buy for children as well.

Tavern Wench Adult CostumeThe Tavern Wench Costume is for the lady who want to look sexy without revealing too much!

The gold and brown dress with a lace edge adds a touch of elegance to the whole outfit.

The matching lace corset combines with the detached flowy sleeves to complete a feminine and sexy look.

Complement the outfit with fishnet pantyhose or stockings and knee length black Penn boots.

This costume is also available in plus size.

German Beer Girl Adult CostumeFor those who prefer a shockingly sexy look, the German Beer Girl costume is perfect.

This delectable Oktoberfest costume contains a cropped peasant top that can be laced up and is great for showing off your new navel ring.

The cherry red miniskirt with garter and attached apron forms the other (no less delicious) part of the outfit.

Complete the look with an overflowing beer mug purse, white stockings, and baby doll shoes.

Fraulein Adult CostumeIf you are going for the sexy but cute look, then you should be looking at the Fetching Fraulein Costume.

This Oktoberfest costume has all the features of the German Tavern Maid costume put together in one mini dress to create an intricate multi-layered look, which is still delightfully easy to wear.

The mini dress has an attached peasant shirt, a velvety bodice accented with lace and complete with a pink bow and a pink skirt with a beautiful floral design.

The costume also includes a lace petticoat and a pink scarf to complete the flirty look.

You can team these up with ankle socks and black Mary Janes to create the perfect baby doll look.

You can buy this costume in the plus size as well.

The Oktoberfest Festival began in 1810 as a celebration of the wedding of the crown prince of Bavaria. It lasted for two weeks and laid emphasis on merry making and beer drinking.

It is now considered by most to be a celebration of German beer above all else. Visitors also feast on many German delicacies. This festival draws a lot of citizens, as well as tourists, to Munich every year from the end of September into October.

The tradition of dressing up in costumes, on the other hand, is much older than the festival of Oktoberfest. The harvest festival of Samhain was celebrated by Celts more than 2000 years ago by dressing up in different costumes.

At Halloween, we continue this tradition and although not scary, Oktoberfest outfits are certainly eye-catching!

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